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Our oceans and those working in them face daily challenges. SMELTS Incorporated ropeless gear provides solutions for many of these challenges. SMELTS Incorporated has focused on bringing the reality of ropeless fishing to market. Working alongside fishermen and gear experts to refine technologies suitable for the harsh ocean. Leveraging real world experience and quality North American vendors to produce custom solutions. our patented and patent pending systems provide gear with negative buoyancy, demonstrating a stable platform to remain stationary on the ocean floor. Our gear provides surface and subsurface location strategies to allow for  minimal interaction potential with sea life or other ocean industries.


Ropeless Fishing Gear to Reduce Whale Entanglement

Our primary mission and goal is to provide robust, economical ropeless fishing gear for US and international fisheries to remove whale entanglement opportunities in challenged fisheries. 


Surface & Subsurface Location Strategies

SMELTS Incorporated gear is built with marking, regulatory, and recovery in mind. Rugged and reliable; these recovery and location technologies allow new levels of gear security and confidence.


Oceanographic Research Equipment

Our oceans are vast, knowledge about it allows us a information to protect it, SMELTS Incorporated uses engineering experience to think up ways to use our ropeless tools to allow scientist and fishermen to collect subsea data such as ocean temperatures, ocean sounds, currents and much more scientific information. 


Deep Sea Recovery, Support and Lifting Equipment

SMELTS Incorporated responds to a range of custom requirements for applications and industries seeking to reduce dive times, improve recovery efficiencies and develop new lift strategies while improving safety with this innovative gear. units can be custom designed for your scientific or fishing needs.


Marine Debris Recovery
An overabundance of metal, plastic and hazardous ocean debris pollutes all of our oceans. Often the cost of dive time is the highest expense to remove such debris. Marine debris can be lifted and removed from the ocean floor with SMELTS Incorporated systems delivered by ROV or placed by divers in order to reduce dive time. Wide ranges of gear sizes are available and custom products can be developed for specific lift capacity requirements.
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