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SMELTS Incorporated is dedicated to developing ropeless lift bag technologies for a range of industries. 

SMELTS Incorporated provides solutions to industries working throughout our oceans and inland waters. 

Fishing Boat
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Our Vision


The SMELTS Incorporated mission started in 2016 with the goal to provide bottom set fisheries with an engineering solution to reduce whale entanglement. Using fishermen's requests and suggestions we have continued development of our ropeless lift bag fishing gear.  With numerous fishing cycles already performed, this gear has provided undeniable proof that ropeless fishing is not only possible but has the potential to improve fishing safety & efficiencies.  

SMELTS Incorporated designs can be custom made to support many underwater industries with robust systems. 

SMELTS Incorporated strives to have stewardship to our oceans while supporting fishing industries and working waterfronts that these industries provide.

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Company Profile.


Crab Raft Inc. DBA  SMELTS Incorporated is a privately held company located in Washington State.  Crab Raft Inc. DBA SMELTS Incorporated holds patented and patent pending technologies for ropeless lift bag fishing systems.

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